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I may look like Barbie but I smoke like Marley

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I mostly post Nudity&sex&sexy ass girls but I also post Horror; Girly shit; Alice in Wonderland; HelloKitty; BodyModifications; Drugs; Astrology; Crazy/ bright/ beautiful hair; Hentai; Tim Burton; Kawaii; and whatever else(:

I wuvvvv u and those feet! Sorry I post pictures and videos all the time&#8230;I can&#8217;t imagine how bad I&#8217;ll be in 5 months when my baby&#8217;s born.
I never ever ever straighten my hair&amp;told my bf he didn&#8217;t tell me I looked pretty today! &amp;he said you already know! I don&#8217;t gotta tell you!!&#8230;.I do know. ^-^ mehehe
Wellp my punkin is healthy! Heart rate of 161 today and has doubled in size in a week! I prayed and prayed for you to be healthy &lt;3 I promised God everything and I am giving him my everything. I&#8217;m not guna hide you anymore because I&#8217;m so proud to be your mommy already. I just love you. And I devote my entire life to you&#8230;even though you&#8217;re only an inch long. Haha but I&#8217;d appreciate it if everyone I&#8217;m friends with kinda keeps this to themselves because I want to be able to tell my family on my own. Please!!
#LifesGucci #PicklesAllDayLong
I&#8217;ve never ever been scared of any kind of bee until today. This wasp literally chased me for no reason then stung my wrist twice! It hurts sooo bad! My entire wrist is swelling up. I&#8217;ve never been chased by a bee or stung. I hope he died. 🐝💥😁😔😖😫


my possible career choices:

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